2016 Mitsubishi Lancer white driving on road in neighborhood

Old Mitsubishi Models You can Only Buy Used

Mitsubishi is currently sticking to producing only a few models to make sure all the attention goes to the models car buyers want, and to keep up with the waves of new automotive technologies coming out every few years. As time has gone by, plenty of old models have been born and discontinued. How many old models can you name? Continue reading to learn a little bit about all of the discontinued models Mitsubishi used to make.

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man standing next to truck with tailgate down and driver door open

What to Look for When Shopping for a Used Truck

When you want a pickup truck but want to avoid the commitment associated with buying a new model, there will always be used trucks. Pickup trucks tend to last a long time compared to some other vehicle types, which is why so many older models are still on the road or in occasional use. If you want to buy a used truck, read the rest of this post for some advice on what to look for.

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