Mitsubishi logo red on white isolated

What Does the Word Mitsubishi Mean?

Most automaker names are pretty obvious. So many are just named after their founder or after something else, but Mitsubishi is far less obvious. Most other Japanese automaker names are named after the person that first started the company, even if that company didn’t start out building cars, but this isn’t true for Mitsubishi. To help you understand where the name comes from and what it has to do with the red diamond logo, read the rest of this entry.

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car emergency kit reflective cone first aid fire extinguisher

What Should I Keep in my Car for Emergencies?

How prepared are you for an emergency vehicular situation? Whether that means ending up in a ditch, experiencing a car break down, or so many other unfortunate events, you can decide to prepare now. This post is made to help inspire you to build an emergency kit of your own, but what you need is going to be different based on factors like who usually rides in your car, distances you drive, seasonal hazards, and much more.

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