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What Does the Word Mitsubishi Mean?

Most automaker names are pretty obvious. So many are just named after their founder or after something else, but Mitsubishi is far less obvious. Most other Japanese automaker names are named after the person that first started the company, even if that company didn’t start out building cars, but this isn’t true for Mitsubishi. To help you understand where the name comes from and what it has to do with the red diamond logo, read the rest of this entry.

What Does Mitsubishi Mean in English?

Mitsubishi is a fusion of two Japanese words, “Mitsu” and “Hishi.” Where does the “b” sound come from? In Japanese, when an “h” sound happens in the middle of a word, it often changes to sound like a “b.” First off, “Mitsu” is one way to say “three” in Japanese, but “Hishi” might leave you scratching your head because it just means “water chestnut.”

Old Mitsubishi Models You can Only Buy Used

Combined, the word Mitsubishi refers to the logo of the company. “Hishi” may mean “water chestnut” but it often can be used to describe a rhombus shape, like the diamonds in the logo. Since “Mitsu” means three, it makes perfect sense that the logo looks the way it does!

What Vehicles Does Mitsubishi Make?

Mitsubishi has a very focused approach to building cars right now. The lineup could expand in the future, but the current economy has been hard on all automakers and car buyers. The company currently produces the following:

  • Mitsubishi RVR
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
2020 Mitsubishi RVR driving around curve wide shot
2020 mitsubishi outlander exterior white driving away toward city

What Are the Mitsubishi Company Values?

The concept of “three” isn’t just important to the name and logo. Mitsubishi operates around three core principles or values, taken directly from their corporate website: Corporate Responsibility to Society, Integrity and Fairness (that’s just one), and Global Understanding through Business. It makes you wish more automakers were like Mitsubishi. You can trust that Mitsubishi is taking responsibility and making the most of whatever trends hit the automotive industry.