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How to Find New Brake Pads in Grande Prairie, AB

You don’t usually think about your brake pads until they start causing problems. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to stop your car, so they’re vital to your safety. To make sure you stay safe, you should know where to get a new set when yours start to wear down. Continue reading to learn more.

Can I Buy Brake Pads at Frontier Mitsubishi?

When your brake pads start to make funny noises like screeching or rubbing, or if they make your car vibrate when you press on the brake pedal, your brake pads need attention. Schedule an appointment at Frontier Mitsubishi right away so our trusted mechanics can help you. If we don’t have the brake pads you need on hand, we can order them so your car can be ready to go as soon as possible.

What Kind of Brake Pads do I Need?

You can trust our service technicians to find the right set of brake pads. There are many different types, and you can consult with your service representative to find out what kind of pads are best considering factors like city driving vs highway driving, price range, the weight of the vehicle, and more.

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Can I Install my Own Brake Pads?

You can put your own brake pads in, but it requires a certain amount of knowledge and some tools. It’s more trouble than it is worth for many drivers. If you’re not confident you can take a tire off with all the equipment you already have, you’re not confident enough to replace brake pads without help. You can trust the professional service technicians at Frontier Mitsubishi to replace your brake pads safely and quickly.

What Other Services Can I Get at Frontier Mitsubishi?

If you do need to get your car serviced for brakes, you should get as many other things taken care of at the same time as possible. Combine brake pad maintenance with an oil change, tire rotation, fluid flush, or even a new set of tires. You can get your battery checked or replaced, your tires aligned, and more!